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Ultraviolent Light Album Autographed - FREE AUS DELIVERY

Image of Ultraviolent Light Album Autographed - FREE AUS DELIVERY


Released Nov 07, NP’s first full length album featuring the artwork of Paul Allender (Cradle of Filth/Vomitorium).

Please note not all members of the band may have signed CD (this will depend on availability).

1. New Human Anthem
2. Chemical Drive
3. Cyberpunk
4. God Again
5. False Prophet
6. Coma
7. Dead Alive
8. Tear It Down
9. Ultraviolent Light
10. Forever Far Beyond
Feb 2008 “Ultraviolent Light” Metal Hammer review
‘These guys have been hotly tipped as ones to watch-and the recommendations are bang on the money. Where many industrial metal outfits go wrong is by concentrating on abrassive harshness over and above actual songs. Not so here. True, vocalist Drew seems to mode himself on Dani Filth much of the time, and most of the riffing is monumentally huge, but it’s tempered by some great chant-along choruses and genuine melodic hooks-witness the deadly and crushing title track, the almost danceable ‘coma’ and chillingly hypnotic Fear Factory-esque ‘False Prophet’. The band’s ability to craft great tunes rather than just cobbling together a bunch of breezeblock riffs and giving it a title bodes well for the future. They may display their influences a touch too obviously at this stage, but, given time, this lot could be cyberstars in the making.’